typhoid so i'm going to be sleeping outside in a TENT tonight, in the cold, the winter season blossomy in its decay.
why? to see how cold it's actually going to be.
why? cuz im leavin tomorrow to go camping / hiking in the forbidding reaches of north marin (those who know the area, go ahead, giggle).
why? to try to miss the coming of this 'new year'. so i'm not celebrating it by doing something out of the ordinary...
i want to be so far away from 'civilization' that i wouldn't be able to tell if it ended.
just my way of saying that what you create to be important for you i choose not to be important to me. that i can choose ...
so what if all my friends bailed out on me? they're all out doing there own thing, too. im not going to (didnt) stop you. just great to know youre there in a pinch...
but what does the fact that im the only one left say about me? that im stubborn as fuck... (i always read other people's stories through the detached view of myself several years in the past.. yeah, so what?)
so, this tonight will be my last blathes for a while, if the world is still here when i get back... gee, i don't know if that's a fear or a wish. maybe i've just been reading too much pkd...
so, goodbye, all, thank you.

(why do i talk to you? i've got no one else to talk to... except myself, and this is also a good way of recording my thoughts)
lost kinda like my freinds parent they went backpacking in nepal for a freakin month. 010430
skyburst777 i've got a tent 050612
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