Q While not, to the best of my knowledge, the lawyer in the question recently posed, let me answer anyway.

For civil - as opposed to criminal - cases, the fact that one is a minor makes no subatntial difference, unless you are very young (younger than about 6 or 7). You can still be liable for violations of others rights.

So, if you were 17 and had created for a client of mine a civil "cause of action," by violating a legal right of the client, I would on behalf of the client sue you and, if it were possible under the circumstances, also your parent(s) or legal guardian(s) and anyone else who arguably would be liable, at least if s/he/it would have a deep pocket full of money to pay the money damages my client most likely would seek.

It is possible the client would not seek money damages but rather only an injunction (a court order) to force you and your co-defendants to do or not do certain things.

Violating an injunction could bring the criminal, rather than just the civil, law into play. Violating a court order might be a crime.

If you were 17 and were charged with a criminal offense and you were lucky to have me as the prosecutor, I would not charge you as an adult. In most places, you could be charged as an adult even though you would be a minor.

I would not charge you as an adult because, in the first place, I, like all prosecutors, could exercise discretion to treat minors as minors in their run-ins with the criminal law system and would exercise discretion to do so.
Beyond that, you would be lucky because I just happen to be a person who appreciates that we as a society benefit handsomely in the long run, or save huge sums that otherwise would be wasted in the long run, by giving minors big breaks in how the are treated by the criminal legal system. The reasons why this is so are psychological, social, and economic. Most civilized societies recognize them.

Many prosecutors - probably most - in this country are not so nice. This is because in this country most adults - or at least voters who elect the prosecutors - seem to like to flush children down the toilet and many prosecutors who manage to be elected think the same way. Many prosecutors would charge even 8 year olds as adults.
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