bahia everywhere. around me. on the floor. 011010
me spill the beans...i dont know...i dont like spills 021212
Nihiline I often feel the need to spill. To feel everything ever fall out of my mouth so everybody knows everything about me. So nobody ever has to guess again at anything from that point back. Unfortunately it would take more than a lifetime, and might cause more harm than good. But I want to anyway. I wish I could remember it alla nd write it down. Maybe it might make a nice book. 070302
pSyche so i did.

Every syllable of my story I said to you
And you drank the words that spilled from my lips,
as if it were the sweetest honey
From a foreign land
You cried when I cried
And you laughed at my jokes
And all our bad feelings
Became as spilt milk
Over and done with
And our souls were made whiter for the washing of our tales
Rumi "No better love than love with no object"

I suppose this can really mean to you what you want it to mean, your own perception.

To me this is a statement about unconditional love.. no objective. To love without expecting anything in return.... just to endlessly love without any motive or expectation.

Many people would undersatnd this in a different way, to become confused about whether we should recieve love back in order to love... but love does not ask such questions and it does not demand... it doesn't even have a choise, it just is, like the universe - just is.
what's it to you?
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