Dosquatch Take One:
A man sits at home, alone with his pain. The pain of having lost his job to "downsizing". The pain of not being beautiful. The pain of his best girl having married someone else, the pain of his best friend having married the only other girl he's been interested in since. His pain and his words swirl, and as he stares into the blue screen....
Nah, too depressing.

Take Two:
A man sits at home, alone with his pain. His best girl married someone else, and his best friend married the only other woman he's been interested in since. His pain and words swirl in his head, consoled only in knowing that he has a stable job that pays the bills...
Nah, that's not much better.

Take Three:
A man is sitting in front of his computer, staring into a blue sea of words. It's late, and he can't sleep, even though his beautiful wife is asleep in the next room. She's the best thing that's ever happened to him, and the only thing that cured the pain of his first True Love marrying someone else instead. The pain and ecstacy of life collide in his head like two trains, tangled and mangled....
OK, it's getting there.

Take Four:
The enamored couple cuddle on the beach, framed by a perfect sunset. "I love you," he whispers as he gently kisses her. She looks into his eyes and sees their forever, and squeezes him gently. "Where have you been all my life?" she asks. "Right here," he answers as he lays his hand over her heart. "I've always been with you..."


Take Five....
uow scratch out all the worst case scenarios 040917
evo but then the best case scenario is nothing but a pure lie 040918
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