typhoid santa cruz
sunshine on pacific ave.
hmm. people. hippie yuppies. hrm..
way, way too many jewelry stores...
NinnY Nu Nu Where's that then.
Who are you Santa Claus?
there's ony one remember.
he's real, but it's a secret,
don't tell the kids,
I'm Bord.
santy claws mmmmmmm....
pickled eggs and buttermilk
cali j I've been a very good girl this year...well just alittle bad(finger and thumb much)Did you get the sunglasses I sent you? There is quite a glare up there!
Can you get me a new house and a car that doesn't sound like a drive by shooting and also ask Mrs. Claus if she can make some more of those hemp brownies. The neighbor's dog really liked them. Its the only thing that will shut the little fucker up. By the way thanks for such a peaceful christmas last year.
nanny Did you know that you can now email you letters_to_santa ? Really, you can. I guess this saves on the stamps that the parents have to use every year because they have deluded their children into believing that the post office is going to actually deliver something with the vague address of...

Santa Claus
North Pole

Ok, that would be like me sending a letter to my friend and writting..

Miss Jones

yeah, she's gonna get it.
marjorie why santy claus, why... why are you taking our christmas tree, WHY?

kind of like, why billy, why... why do you look like a crazy cracked out truck driver in those Zwan pics, why?
andru235 santa claus

satan, lucas
hsg . 080918
shy girl Santa is not coming for little girls that don't need him.
You have to paint lots of pictures for Habitat or you won't get any dinner.
what's it to you?
who go