Soma Tie me to them.
I feel your warmth
Flesh against flesh
My hair prickles against the slow breeze of the box fan in the window.
You trace your fingers down my chin, my sternum, To my navel
then you laugh
"What if I just left you?"
Somewhere outside a dog barks.
The evening sunlight is leaking in through the blinds. I can see the wetness of your lips as you grin.
I'm not sure if you mean tied to the bed,
Or the relationship
But then again, I don't think you know either.
Things are never what they seem with you.
unhinged my earliest memories of religion

the vivid depictions of the stations of the cross in my grandma's catholic church

small wrought iron versions hanging above every bed in the house

my mother wanted to hang one above my bed
i was young
probably not even in school

i_cried and cried
i didn't want that poor tortured man
hanging above me while i slept
what about this?
my mother dangled a catholic rosary
in front of my face

can we put this on the bed post?
it will protect you while you sleep

a slavic dreamcatcher

she wanted to put it in too prominent a spot, the front bed post near where i rested my head

i started to fuss again
ok ok
how about over here?

on the far bed post
pushed up against the corner of my room
i clung to the edge of the bed
in my sleep
was sure there were monsters under my bed

i count rosaries to my goddess
what's it to you?
who go