black-dyed gel product Have you ever grabbed your foot when it has fallen asleep. It feels strangely foreign. Alien. Like it is not partof you. 010619
nemo i felt pins and needles in my whole body one time, even my mind. i was scared i would die. guess i didnt. 010620
yummychuckle i love when a part of my body falls asleep. As long as I'm not in front of a zillion strangers that I have to make a good impression on, and the whole body part being asleep thing makes me not able to walk right. 010622
nocturnal sometimes when I sit with my legs crossed too long, one side of one leg will go numb. it sucks cuz when I get up and try to walk, that leg practically crumples. I never know when it's gonna hit either cuz I don't get that pins and needles thing, so I feel nothing. it's really weird. 010622
mr pete remind you that the rest of your body does exist. 021229
jane why both?

why not pins


Mahayana caution: the contents of a heart

[will you walk]
peyton if i could turn it off
and just be cool
trust me
trust me
i would

you were the first word i said this morning
and every action has carried
a question of your personal consequence
my skin is salty hot
i'm on a rollercoaster
perpetually hanging over the edge
waiting for the sharp report
of cracking timbers

maybe today the wall will get out of the way
walrie needles_and_pins 051114
falling_alone i suppose i should see a docter about the constant pins_and_needles shooting up my forearm anytime and everytime it moves. 051114
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