anne-girl when something is crude, just started, very bad, making it better is easy... spend an hour or a day refining it and it'll be ten times better, another length of a time and it's maybe twice as good, then it improves less and less and less and finally you spend eons {say in running, take another half-second off your time or in school get unattainable 100% or a sculpture putting the last painstaking touches on it or tiny programs can do fantastic things and as they increase in complexity you have to spend more and more time debugging and more work for less functionality}

and at first it's easy and fun and you do little work and see it improve by leaps and bounds... such easy motivation
and then it's harder, and harder, and you need patience or some higher goal or sheer stubbornness to get there in the end

{this is why i never finish anything important}
Lemon_Soda It is a test of your resolve wich is a clear indicator to how strong your willpower is. Consider that before you quite. 050531
stork daddy willpower is good, but reasonability is better more often than not. there are of course exceptions, as when the improbable comes to pass because one had resolve. most people aren't capable of seeing how actually probable or improbable success is though, so willpower is often a good tool to have. a good question to ask yourself is, how much am i getting in my own way, and how much is the actual project getting in my way. 050531
Lemon_Soda Akin to a objective view point on the situation instead of one filtered through intrinsic inflection.

Willpower would be the level of mental, emotional, and physical fortitude en totale: spirit, if you will.
stork daddy well that's a strange definition of it, but it would seem then that willpower would be largely no thing in and of itself, but rather the end result of the various composite parts. 050531
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