TheAsi9000 Then there was this one time they stuck me and my brother with needles and told us if we didn't cooperate we wouldn't be allowed to sit on the iceblock anymore. So we got to keep sitting there, only now we were like pincushions, too. 001218
mandy I prick the heart of two, but I wish I didn't. 011229
*~K used to be scared of them. used to have to let friends hit me when i wanted a fix.
i learned tho., i learned.
T baco Kills stick the needle in you
the sharpness you control
stick the needle in you
go burst your god damn soul

stick the needle in you
the pain is everything you need, you want That supply of energy, that sudden rush poking the raw flesh or broken wound wouldnt you like to dig that little bit deeper?

Stick the needle in you
go get the object, hold it in the palm of ur hand until u loss the frictional grip with your excreted sweat. Its such a small object but still ur body can feel that small amount of pain, dont go lying about it telling heavenl lies cause deep down you know it feels good.
that ultimate thrill
that stabbing pain that is caused by you because of you. Its because of you that you enflict this pain because it is what you need, want, have, and want again!!!!!!!!!

poke deeper

dont you want to?

poke the needle in you
neil young i've seen the needle and the damage done 050812
Lonbot it is stuck in your butt 130912
what's it to you?
who go