Tank taste round... 010119
snuffleupagus Tank, We're all waiting for the flavor study report. RE:cunt snot.
Or at least I am.
sabbie i wish i had a camera to record the beautiful shapes the blood forms as it drips off the skin and flows through the water.

clumps at one end, trails and tails and tenticles at the other. all amebic and cthulish and beautiful.
carlita hmm... never quite thought of it as beautiful before 030725
misstree i keep waiting for
the telling trickle,
one wait cycling to the next,
but it is conspicuously absent
like an empty desk, silent,
its fate unknown.

will it race in, face flushed, breath heavy,
hand me a note as it sets itself to
flushing the month's collections?
will it simply sleep through
its appointed time, sulk in with the
moon's next turn, a defiant glare ready
should i question its absence?

perhaps it has just been waiting
for its vacation to not be too alarming,
for a time when it could absent itself
without too much terror.

still, i wish it would give
a courtesy call, so i can relax
from the edge of my seat, stop
jumping at phantom tingles,
and set myself in to wait.
pipedream i know...this expectant feeling like a balloon about to fly around all over the room exhaling madly. but i've always thought 'menses' is a terrible word, for some unexplainable reason. i don't like it, although i also don't see why so many girls hate having 'em..personally, i enjoy being a woman and this just goes with the package (at least everything is working peachy). besides, i kind of like blood. it makes me feel real. 030930
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