the void and hot wax... we mustn't forget hot wax 000419
jen ever i might like you better if you wore leather. 000714
Boogaloo the best is the smell 000901
gwyllynne Look I'm standing naked before you
Don't you want more than my sex?
I can scream as loud as your last one
but I can't claim
Oh god, could it be the weather?
oh god, why am I here?
if love isn't forever and it's not the weather
hand me my leather!

ikon and all i want is to snuggle down deep in your leather jacket (the soft one that still smells like leather, but also like you) and fall asleep as the sun comes up over the beach. 000911
angie tori amos...leather...all the way
i have a tan leather ralph lauren purse that is my favorite purse of them all
it is my soul mate
everythign i am is in my purse
i love purses
im not shallow...i am just symbolic...
thea once i made a dream about leather, but i don't want to talk about it. 020820
Bagshi strap me to the floor in it, bind me up like the worm... hold me together with it, suffocate decay... stave off my self destruction with it, make me a new creature. Bind my eyes closed with it, sew up my mouth... listen to the stars weep. 021024
celestias shadow I have a leather jacket I got for $4. It was brown and pretty. I don't think it fits anymore. Anyone want it? 030706
violetstrangt nothing better than a sin in a leather jacket 061122
Lemon_Soda It has held me, warmed me, bit me, teased me, restrained me, and given me a real good grip. 061122
dessiahs_song taut, rotting skin, polished and shined. dead pig, eyes plucked out, on our feet, breathing dust. 061123
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