alicia okay. like, they're 75 years old. tom and colleen. tom makes chairs and wooden sculptures and stuff. colleen is a retired math teacher. on christmas eve, they had, like, this dance party. i swear to god. they were so fucking drunk. you don't believe me? they were singing "the twelve days of christmas" at the top of their catholic lungs, but with all the wrong words. and then they left for mass at st. bridgets church. so it was quiet for a while.

and they live rite above me. they take showers- every night at 2:30. every. fucking. night.
old he wears a turban
has two beautiful daughters
that were in his office one time
when I was sick and went to drop off rent
... my land lord
is a drag queen
he listens to
a lot of Bowie.
nom i got a phonecall a while ago this morning i didn't answer the phone cause i've only got like a dollar left on it right now it's pay and talk and i didn't want to pay for/answer yet another wrong number so i just let it ring and then checked my voicemail after it was my exlandlord offering me a place again in town small town he'd heard i was looking i smiled when i heard it was him because i was worried i hadn't left my exapartment clean enough i'd actually gone back in my dreams red: moving_dreams 061109
nom it's not the same apartment he's offering me, that'd be too weird

it's a nice offer, but i don't know
three words not_a_damn_thing landlord exploring 101115
squishyfish squishyfish 101116
foyoy foyoy 110930
what's it to you?
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