sabbie i am lobbing to get the offical spelling for the word 'just' changed to this. i think its much more sensible.

today, i wrote to my local parlimentarian.

tommorrow i shall hold a protest rally outside parliment house.

the next day i shall be writing to god.
god you got the go-ahead from me. 010425
lost hehe... i'll start writing it this way. 010425
phil The next person who I see spelling jsut incorrectly will be shot and killed, then displayed to the Cubans. 010426
flo the cubans are not interested, they spell it juts, and take it without ice. 010426
phil well then it will be a pity when I kill the last cuban. 010501
last cuban are you threatening me? 010501
the real last cuban you're not the last cuban, i am 010501
Dafremen I jsut broke my promise not to blather under anymore misspelled words. (see lonliness, niether) I supposed that I didn't have a perfect record to spoil so....here I am! 010501
the REAL real last Cuban you two are WAY out of line 010501
sabbie Dafremen, fret no more! god above has sanctioned it, so therefore it is not misspelt!

if you were to blather under (and i can hardly bring myself to type it) j.u.s.t, then, and only then my friend would you be blathing under the incorrect spelling.
The Penultimate Cuban I'st jsut a wrod, gte oevr ti! 010527
phil How should we spell other words that contain the word jsut, is it simply jsutice, or does it go a little deeper than that? 010719
grindmath i wanna go to cuba.

wanna have some Havanna club
and some esperantos

yeah drinks and smokes
that sounds good.
on the shore.
with some good reading
like hemmingway

i need a vacation from life
minnesota_chris NO! 040324
ralphie jsut lvoe
jsut fcuk
what's it to you?
who go