elimeny who you are
is just another ordinary girl
stop trying to make everything special
stop trying to convince yourself you are special
stop leading men on who will attempt to convince you you are special
accept it
convince yourself
you're just another misplaced Texan
who loses her identity in every new place
no one knows who you are
and no one really cares

and you are constantly looking for someone who will
and dissatisfied with those who do
because its never enough, is it?
when will it be enough for you?

if you're looking for roses
springtime has passed
if you're looking for wine
you aren't old enough
if you're looking for charm
go to a jewellry store
if you're looking for honesty

stop lying to yourself.
elimeny she dances where no one can see...
and prays that someone is looking.

there is no one looking.
Lilac anything_but_ordinary 030106
Freak no one ever remembers my name, I hate that 030106
Kristopher Well, as one person, I would certaintly like to get to know you better, and I definately care.

I like you, Jessica. I care about you as much as any of my friends.

You. . . are mega-super-ultra-deluxo. . .KEEN!!

Just to let you know. . .
IWishICouldGoWithDavid Will make my husband happier then I ever could. 030106
ShnizelCheese A girl... i love... once lost... my fault... once found... not me... once found... me... once loved again... me... i love... Jesssica 031217
sarah is my bestfriend, and i sara, am hers. 040225
mj just a stranger in a stranger place 040304
TheDeguello Light of my life, Heart of my heart, The one holding me together. 080701
patrick_hoodlum is a woman I just met and cant find flaws in. is a woman with a kind of beauty I had yet to see. is a woman who still reads. is a woman who vexes what I pretend to know. is a woman who looks great in a tie. 080701
now_now wide suprised & laughing eyes slipping out of frame 080701
birdmad my chubby-cheeked infant great-niece. funniest when giggling at nothing 080701
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