pete May the LORD’s curse light on anyone who comes forward to rebuild this city of Jericho: the laying of its foundation shall cost him his eldest son, the setting up of its gates shall cost him his youngest.” Josh 6:26
During Ahab’s reign Hiel of Bethel rebuilt Jericho: laying its foundations cost him his eldest son Abiram, and the setting up of its gates cost him Segub his youngest son. Thus was fulfilled what the LORD had spoken through Joshua son of Nun.”1 Kings 16:34


This is the silent hour
A time to forget time
To silently walk and to write
Jericho awaits

Lying mere steps away
It hides inside this shiver
And comes when the music explodes

This hour is of darkness
Running through enlightened streets
And exhaling our frosted breath
Into the dark and silent air

I rest beyond the pen
And before your pedestal

How can you pass this eye?

Come let’s call home
And share our dread
Trading death for an apple;
We do need food for the trip.

Even whispers echo here
Where the screaming is so great
Here in Jericho
Where cars sing in the place of birds

The forecast is clear
Yet clouds hide the stars
Even when the moon
Hangs above in her place
Guiding the walk home,
Keeping her war and safe
The night is cannot be clear

A mutilated haze
Consecrates her grave
Deep within Jericho’s frozen heart
After the dawn has passed
Her cards into my shuffled hand

Frozen tears mark my place
In this overcast hour of silence.

Copy Right Pete Anderson 2004, All Rights Reserved.
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