jennifer (Daytime.) Jennifer and Joe are in the cafeteria, getting soft serve.
They walk through the cafeteria doors to go back to the dorms as the
scene progresses. Jennifer is kind of walking behind Joe.
Joe: So, do you still work at that Albertson's all the way out at 108th
and Q?
Jennifer: Yeah, I'd rather work at the closer store, but there's this
scary chick that works there. Oh, what's her name? Um, Sarah or
some-thing. Anyway, she's some weird witch girl.
Joe: Do I know her?
Jennifer: I don't know. She goes to our school, but she's kind of a
loner. And she's really dirty. And everytime I go there, she gets a
little too interested in me.
Joe: She casts spells on you?
Jennifer: No, she, um... hits on me.
Joe: (chokes on his soft-serve) She hits on you? She's gay?
(A girl passes by them, both Jennifer and Joe turn to check her out.)
Jennifer: Apparently so.
Joe: Are you gay?
Jennifer: (after a pause, defensive) It makes no matter if I'm gay or
not. The main point is that the advances are totally uninvited.
Joe: (kind of gives her a look, because she didn't answer the question,
but lets it pass) Man, that Sarah chick makes for a lousy gay person,
don't you think? She can't even find out about another person's
sexuality before she hits on them.
Jennifer: That's never stopped any girls from hitting on Jeff (Peck),
has it?
Joe: (laughs) You do have a point there. (Not meanly, just
matter-of-fact) But, you know, at least someone finds you attractive.
Joe walks away, leaving a stunned Jennifer by the elevator.
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