A ♠ Whats this?! 021121
bethany somewhere deep inside of these bones
a longing that
i guess the rest of us will never know

rock on jack rock on
unhinged i guess there's something in the wind
that tells there's tragedy at hand
and though i'd like to stand by him
can't shake this feeling that i have
the worst is just around the bend
and will we ever
end up together
no i think not...

i never fully understood this movie til i watched it all doped up on kind bud on my birthday. i remember going to the movie theater with my brother to see it and we seemed like the only kids in the whole place that actually enjoyed it. the perfect halloween/thanksgiving/christmas movie.
celestias shadow there are few who can deny it
what i do i am the best
and my talents are renowned far and wide
when it comes to surprises
on a moonlit night
i excel without ever even trying
with the slightest little effort
of my ghostlike charms
i have seen grown men give out a shriek
with a wave of my hand
in a well-placed mode
i have swept the very bravest off their feet
yet, year after year
it's the same old thing
and i've grown so tired
of the sound of screams
and i, jack
the pumpkin king
have grown so tired
of the same
misstree makes my abiding love and obsession with danny_elfman (who both wrote the music and voiced jack's singing parts, and i believe he may have been barel as well) that much more intense. 031219
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