just_inflate *this word i wish to claim as mine* 021204
thefuddyduddy I want to fall in love with a boy with faint freckles dashed across the bridge of his nose, and speckled lightly upon his sun kissed cheeks.

We'll be good for eachother.
Freak I wouldn't be me without them. 030228
mo angel kisses 030228
andie i love his eyes
i adore his face, his fingers
the freckles on his bottom lip
so much it almost overwhelms me
is it healthy to want to devour
someone completely as i do?
i bridle my passion, secure it down
fearful of letting him know
how needing i am of his body in mine

copyrigh 2004
jenny enny dots my sister has a birthmark on her butt. when i was a kid i didn't know what that was, so i called it her "freckle".

i had horribly dark freckles as a kid. i hated them and my friend in 5th grade told me bleach them with lemon juice. as i got older i used makeup which didn't cover them up entirely. i never understood when people said freckles were cute.

now that i am much older, the freckles on my face have all but disappeared....
obsessed with redheads a face without freckles is like a sky without stars. 040322
Syrope i want more
bring it, sunlight!
emmi he has these two tiny freckles on the tip of his nose. i remember that was one of the first things i noticed about him. weird huh, the things you pay attention to. 040510
emmi like little dots of happiness 060507
emmi wow, i forgot i had blathed that 2 yrs ago. i wonder who the heck i was talking about. 060507
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