grand poohbah of hate a man tried to hit on my girlfriend a couple of weeks ago. that he dared disrespect my property was bad enough, but added to that was the fact that he knew me, and knew that she is my woman and my property. the police would take him away if it was my car, but a woman is different for some reason, perhaps because they are cheaper. anyway, when i came out of the john, there he was stoking her neck with his fingertip. what should i have done? i bit off his finger and spat it in her face, took her home and gave her the worst beating that she has had for at least a month. actually i was starting to worry about her because it seemed that no matter how hard i hit her she wouldn't scream, but she was screaming when i opened the trunk alright.
the guy in question and i are friends again, he apologised, and as for Heather, well fucking Heather wont be able to see the sunshine for weeks beause of the bruising. that fucking bitch cost a man his finger.
nocturnal loving the hate well then she sure as hell got what she deserved. dumb fucking bitches. 010517
TalviFatin ...ok....well anyway...moving on...

When i get nervous, anxious, or nic-fitty...i chew off the end of my fingertips...the skin...not the nail...never the nails...but the skin.
Ohwell... thing that turns me on is if a guy just runs his fingertips as softly as he can across my skin...specially on my neck or gets to me..The sense of touch....What a miraculous gift.
TalviFatin why is this string named "figertips"?
We're missing an "n".
paste! figertips never forgets a face. find out how it recognizes at "Sasha Dagger's Easy Auto" on the corner of 34th and Yeast Infection. i guarantee you much applicable somersaulting, applicable to the nth degree. 011102
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