dallas meet, if you wait long enough or try hard enough. 980901
-i- ...lead to new beginnings. Everything is cyclical. 990206
shaheen nothing lasts forever 990207
Rainer Krauss Things don't have ends .... everything repeats, nothing will be lost at all. Ever. Things don't have ends. Only your imagination, if you limit it. 990208
Danny they're okay. They barge in sometimes, unwanted, annoying, and you wish they'd leave the room. But after they've gone, and you look around, you realise they weren't that bad, and they were actually very nice and helped out. they're okay. 990209
apr!l big ballin', smashin', makin' mah endz... 000123
marjorie trying to make them meet can be hell
but tying them into ribbons and bows
and soft slivers of sharply sparkling colors
is much more valuable, and pleasing
zeedub i tried to make my ends slagin weed but the stress was unbearable. It almost ruined me. my friends were busted and i got addicted. now i smoke all day everyday but my life goes on. 021208
endless desire "every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end."
really, we are just going roung and round. or at least that's the glass half full way to think of it.

personally, i have split ends. i dont know about you.
ferret you've been all i can think about lately. I want people to know your story. I want them to know how this all ends..... I want to know how this ends..... 031127
whitechocolatewalrus everything ends. i see the ominous ends of everything. ends here and ends there.

not everything begins. sometimes nothing begins and this is hard. sometimes the lack of a beginning means the prolongedness of an end.

has no_control.
ee if you had a bunch of odds and ends and you took away all but one, what would you call it? 040505
***r@|\|$c3|\|d3|\|@|_*** the "one". 060903
superleni never does
or does it

or over and over
or simply
what's it to you?
who go