Yoshi ooooppppp 010925
32 what the world produces,first can't spell now sex play toys 010925
sandy bitter and hard
unafraid and ready
it sits cradled
on my silent tongue
awaiting the day
when i will discover
that it is no
stronger than i
and i am no stranger
to it.
Shrap-nol word for lesbian... why am I the first to say this? 011111
Aaron a friend of mine made this up.. she's a happy lil lesbian...

"I'm a little bull dyke short and stout, here is my handle, here is my spout, when i get all steamed up then i shout, lay me down and eat me out."
piercedjenny i was called a dyke the otherday when i was talking to my ex-girlfriend. weirdest thing is that it was by a guy who had once wanted to hook up with me and another girl.
now i know why i didn't date him.
marjorie just cause I kissed her doesn't mean I'm a dyke... pffft

and that story... it's about the boy who stuck his finger in a DIKE. not a dyke, mind you.
whoknows so jackie, i know you and sarah are really close. is she a dyke?

no asshole. im not but if i were why would it matter? and why the hell does everyone care so fucking much when you dont seem to give a damn about me anyway?
silentbob What she called herself 011204
MyFigureFemale I am little Baby Dyke :)
Dyke! Why, yes I am thanks
Dyke!! Yes please, could you bring one this way.
DYKE!!! That's Baby Dyke to you, sir.
whome Whoo dykes are hott.

I was just in Boston and saw a lot of dykes.
dyke People yell this at me on the street and I'm not too fond of that, but I use the word with other dykes because we think it's a really strong word. And that's good. 050626
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