oren Praise its awesome power! 051019
unreal Could be one of the greatest inventions of our time.

Along with Teflon.
zeke velcro 051020
oren Super_Glue, too. 051023
jane if only you could see my yellow wallet 051023
rage ho once told me he had a duct tape fetish
but its hard to tell when hes joking
he wants me from a long way away
has more love for me than anyone i know
but the reality still remains
our whole relationship is surreal
and when he talks about the day he'll finally see me again
i can't help freak
somethings are best kept in another world
hsg in memory of MacGyver, we should all carry on our person a pen wrapped with 2 wraps of DucTape & a razor insiDe pen. also inside, a needle & 20ft of dental floss.

now instead of MacGyver, we have mindless sitcoms with boring people telling D same mindless, sub_intellectual jokes.
pSyche I'm making a duct tape dress and tux for prom this spring.

My date doesn't think I'll win.
(it's a contest)
And I'm not sure if I should slap him or thank him for being so realistic.
Probably thank him.
stephshine MacGyver's just another guy with an inferiority complex. Duct tape is scary stuff. 070212
pSyche I made a duct tape dress for prom earlier in the spring. Things went badly. He said he'd help, but he wasn't reliable. "you won't win" he said. yeah, guy, thanks for screwing up my chances. Can't win if you can't enter because you won't wear the tux, eh?

The dress turned out nice though. Flamingo pink, forest green, and black.

I'm tired of going to parties by myself.
what's it to you?
who go