moonshine This is exactly why I do not swim in the sacramento river... they ve just recovered 5 duffle bags containg body parts of 3 different people. 000811
Mahayana [delta]"the letter of the vulva" 020420
Sailor Jupiter "What the fuck happened to the Delta i used to know?" - Animal House

There's a bitchy sorotity on campus. They answer thier phone, "Delta, Delta, Delta. How can I help ya, help ya, help ya?" So stupid.
CJ ahh the tridelta's
i like the line try delt's two out of three go down
x-rated flashback birdmad mons veneris
the mount of venus
the delta_of_venus

the soft place covering the pubic bone just above the gateway to the universe

that one all those nights ago, pale and slender the slight angles of her hipbones visible when she laid back

soft beneath the neatly manicured foliage

the fragrance of manufactured perfume mixing according to design with the already irresistable perfume of her desire

telltale hint of salt in the first traces of her sweat

the taste of her,



memory of her writhing and cursing, sighing and laughing, her fingers trying to gain purchase in my close-cropped hair

fingers twisted into the sheets convulsing with the body_blush
split droner at delta, we loves us some flyin'
and it be showin' like a motherfucker
Elzbieta Represents change
I need some change
mcdougall i've got a quarter and a few pennies you can have.
a plane
an end
a letter
a woman
one way for me to get a thought across. thanks for yor time:)
the godfather trilogy is out on dvd we were doing this in geography. i can now explain in geographical terms how one is formed. but i get the feeling ya'll dont really care. 021218
what's it to you?
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