dondeestanlosjaguares I couldn't sleep again last nite
there's something missing from the air
the way the pillows feel around me
and I just can't smell your hair

Dreams are the only thing I get
my sheets are in disarray
great experiences I don't regret
when every nite, for you, I pray

and I can't seem to make you disappear
and I can't seem to bring you here

Now things just get more difficult
when I can't see you or see your smile
and there is something I haven't said
about the way I feel for you

I turn around in my bed
and it could never be the same
I sit up for a minute
and I desperately call your name

and I can't seem to make you disappear
and I can't seem to bring you here

What good is all this doing me
if I know you'll eventually be mine
this torture is only a test
and all I need is time

Nothing will keep you from me
no vast distance, nobody breathing air
to keep me will be to kill me
but my soul will forever be there. . .

. . .with you.
oh-so-quiet Sleep....what is sleep??? It seems like I gave that to someone a little while ago and asked them to keep it for me until I could come back for it.
Sleep....I asked you what sleep was and its hard to say when i'm only asking the person who has my sleep. The person who can't sleep because of the weight of my sleep in his sack.
Sleep....If i wanted it back, then I would just go get it, If I could just go get it, then I would want it back.

Sleep..its far away now, but it gets closer every day.
unhinged when you live on the 16th floor in no air conditioning when it's 80 degrees at night it's a bitch 020718
ass facely a goat_kitty is no place for a dope trailer 051108
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