smurfus rex I'm not going to tell you what the coded messages are, but I will tell you enough of the solution method that it should be unavoidable for you to solve the code. Also, I will wait until a code has been up and unsolved for three months before I post the method for it.

The People's Representative Council of Cryptological Studies has decided on these provisions just today, in fact. :)
smurfus rex For code_challenge:

1. Put the four-letter groups in 16-letter lines.

2. Write the letters in "MISCHIEFMISCHIEF" in alphabetical order from left to right above the columns.

3. Reorganize the columns so that "MISCHIEFMISCHIEF" is spelled out again.

4. Read the message from left to right, top to bottom.
smurfus rex For code_challenge_2

This has been pretty well covered on the code_challenge_2 page itself and also on the ciphermeister page, but here it is again:

1. Arrange the letters "ADGFX" as follows:

_A D G F X

2. Fill in the letters of the alphabet from left to right and combine I and J in one space.

3. Break up the letters of the coded message into pairs, and follow each letter in the grid to the intersection to get the plaintext letter.

You should be able to get it from here.
smurfus rex for code_challenge_3

I pretty well gave this one away with the second post on the page, but anyway...

You could do this one with pencil and paper and just the number pad on a regular telephone too. Consider the dots as spaces though.

The solution is posted a little ways down on the page. Bonus points if you get what I was trying to communicate. :)
smurfus rex for code_challenge_4:

Go websurfing and look up Sir Francis Bacon. I know I mentioned using capitals instead of italics on the page itself, but now I'm mentioning it here because this is where the solution methods go. :)
Given code_challenge = Ten_SHE 040831
smurfus rex why can't you leave a good thing alone, kx21? jesus christ, you're annoying. 040831
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mp21k Neutron Star Grand Challenge, Final Report
... fact that the solution space of the set ... gravity-hydrodynamic code in the Grand Challenge collaboration using ... computational parameters, numerical methods, choices of boundary settings ... - 103k - Cached - More pages from this site
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. Final Successful Conclusion of Project: Deliver a 100GFLOP Code solving the Einstein equations coupled to the general relativistic; hydrodynamic equations with realistic nuclear equation of state treatment and the final report
Achieved October 15, 2000
smurfus rex And so we come to code_challenge_5, despite kx21's...whatever that is up there. Anyway, you are duly warned, if you keep reading, the solution to code_challenge_5 will be more like map reading than code breaking. :)

The method:

Page, Paragraph, Line, Word, Letter

Now you know.
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