in groups As The World Turns. 031204
mt how do i cast that? are there material components? what level's the spell? really, i must know! 031204
unhinged he's depressed. he starts getting high to feel normal again. suddenly high is normal. he feels weak for becoming an addict. he becomes more depressed. he does more drugs. he starts lying to his friends and family for the money to get his drugs because he can't work often enough to support his habit from the debt it put him in the first time. he feels bad for lying to everyone but he doesn't care enough to stop because he just wants to be high. he becomes more depressed. he does more drugs. he dies.

it will get to that point.
Jane Doe I hope the best for you, it's a tough spot, one that many never get to experience. But there's something that brings you back to the cycle... am I correct? 031207
unhinged the blathe is actually about a friend, but yeah, i have my own circle not quite as deep as his.

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h|s|g unafraid_to_progress 100727
unhinged .


and just today my horoscope said i need to stop being an enabler, while thoughts of putting my foot down have consumed me for the past week.
unhinged putting my foot down has been painful and ugly

every time i see his name on my caller id my stomach turns.
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