god let he (or she) who is without boogers cast the first stone. 010525
ever dumbening i have two cats, the *other* one is named jupiter 011118
ever dumbening rather ironic that one night i write about my cat named booger and the next day she is dead

i have seriously bad cat-karma


i've never had a cat live much more than a year (aslan, harriot, the little grey one that never really got a name, and now booger); and even my roommate marc's cat died shortly after i moved out


i should likely feel worse than i do, but when you expect something it stirs you less; i feel sorry for her brother--that must suck

and where the hell is that blathe about cat logic

ever dumbening feline_logic 011119
jisy nah...! come sus boogers. 011120
nah....! uh, no i don't. sorry to disappoint you, jisy. 011127
nah....! or perhaps, jisy, you're projecting. 011127
Rotten77 booger is a really cool name for a cat. do u mind if i steal it if i ever buy a cat??
in other news: i have sooo many boogers today! i've been sick for like a week and it won't go away and now they r creeping down into my chest. ewww. u know when u blow your nose and u can hear it all rumbling around in there? yeah, that's what keeps happening to me and i'm at work at it's really loud and embarrassing (sp?) and gross.
jane sometimes he calls me booger
it's another nickname i like
what's it to you?
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