Matthew My persona as seen through the eyes of nature. That solitary creature with the stone blue eyes and an intimate connection with her world. She is white as snow and beautiful, howling with joy at the beauty of her moonlit land, but capable of black rage. She pads over the land with the grace of a russian dancer and the chilling distance of a predator. I wish that she would hunt me someday. 000622
Splinken he liked wolves a lot. he didn't talk much. why was i so shocked when he went off the deep end? 000622
Matthew This is not but an experiment at retreival, although it is a noble beast. 000730
dfitch perception of wolves is misguided. they are gentle creatures with love for lambs. and your skin is showing. 010227
god wolfpack 010518
Nukemall predators with grace

beartraps with itchy trigger fingers

cunning little group minds
Lemon_Soda Brothers and lovers(not literally). 031010
werewolf a hunger so constant it becomes casual. a pace that seems to grin. muscles slacken when its weighing your worth, but its eyes still beat you to every corner. if you pass it, pass like a stream, if you linger, linger like the snow, your face had better be night, your palms moon. for if you aren't its earth, and you aren't its lover, you are its prey 031010
grindmath i am the wolf
but i am not the wolf

the wolf is evil (sometimes)
he scares me
he scares me cuz i don't understand him
sleeve I am the hungry wolf, I run endlessly with my mate. Welcome to dripping jaws, the altar of your death. At daybreak I roam, ready to tear up the world, I roam I roam. 040115
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