me if you've loved someone for years and years, trusted them, believed they've loved you in return. a friend. a confident. not a lover, not a significant other. but that one special person who never had a chance before. you two never got the chance to be close.

if what you shared was more than sex, more than any physically bound emotional interjection but a moment in time, together, as one.

if it only took you two weeks after you broke up with Guy/Girl 1 to do it with Guy/Girl 2 even though all of the above applied with Guy/Girl 2 and it was special.

It wasn't supposed to mean everything, we agreed on that, but it sure as hell wasn't supposed to mean nothing....

does that make you a whore?

Men can be whores too, so be honest.

if all that happened to you, would you feel okay being treated like a whore afterwards? Because you gave it up so fast... so soon... because you loved them and trusted them... do you deserve a whore's bed to sleep in?
Did you make it for yourself?

Yes, you went too fast, but because it was ~that guy~ or ~that girl~ you thought it was okay. You thought you wouldn't be hurt.

He loves you too. He won't do that to you. He will still respect you and treat you the same afterwards. He will still count you as a friend, because you both agreed it wouldn't be more than that. Friendship.

Not the first to be ruined by the act.

Not the last.

**shrugs** Oh well. I still love you.
Although the window we smashed through instead of waiting for it to open is gone now and even the house the window was in has been torn down...
It will all be okay, in the end.
My friend.
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