reviuquier "Vulgar" means "of the people," so what could possibly be wrong with vulgar language?

The people might not control anything else, but they surely define language.

A vulgar word is probaly richer connotatively and is certainly no less meaningful denotatively than its "establishement" equivalent.

So I say fuck it, let's be vulgar if there's a choice.
datura is a word my mother uses far too much. 001202
Thyartshallshant Shit
These are some of my favorite words.
Vulgarity these are not,
because these are only vulgar,
to the people there pointed twards.
valis kinda sounds like a character name in a bad rpg, dunnit?

'VulGar of the frost people'
'vulgar the mighty'
'vulgar darkhalberdmere'
'vulgar the
- ah screw it i'm having a dork flashback. nevermind.
unhinged every other comment out of my mouth was overtly sexual so i apologized for being so vulgar and he said i was like that all the time. i kind of took offense to that. i'm a bitch all the time, but i'm not vulgar all the time. 010915
kelli crane display of power 020115
new day new name ...behavior is more than mere profanity. It's a basic disrespect for the convention at hand. It is to deliberately (or perhaps through simple ignorance) thumb one's nose at propriety and parade one's lack of taste.

Ex: He got drunk and assfaced and kissed all over some strange girl at a party. "I pretended she was you," he offers in amends. How incredibly vulgar.
micky jo i was always very open and had no problem speaking frankly about my sexuality

he thought it was great i never hesitated to say i masturbated and he loved it when i saw a attractive girl and i mentioned i wanted to fuck her

but i was never comfortable when he got vulgar and thought it was ok to tell me what i wanted

I don't name my vibrator and you will not name it for me
what's it to you?
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