i'm sorry.
i wish i could talk to you...
i called your office hoping that you would answer...
Doc answered.
i didn't say a word.
he knew it was me.
he heard me crying.
he just said 'Rhin?'
i hung up.
you're dead,
and i'm regressing.
yes I have felt I was capable of shooting him in the head.

He took advantage of Sarah when she was young and had low self-esteem. He made her do sexual things she didn't want to do, some of which were disgusting. She almost lost her virginity to him, but she pulled away at the last second. I'm so glad she did. And he was so stupid. He jumped on trampolines and rode 4 wheelers and watched Rush music video's with his one friend. I want to kill him so bad. Sarah is an amazing person, and I love her so much. Those were dark times for her, she admits. She was a loser with no self-esteem, and dated Tony for 11 months before dumping his ass. She's so amazing now, she has a lot of friends and a fantastic self-image, and is very creative and artistic. I'm surprised she asked me out. I'm lucky.

I want to kill Tony Beth
rhin i still miss you baby, and i still feel that i was truly blessed to have found someone as kind-hearted and gentle as you were. monsters in my dreams baby, and you're not here when i wake. love you love you. 060721
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