dB ... 010226
aimee youth 010226
florescent light ignorant-money-hungry-angry-selfish-cold-shallow-insensitive-vengful-lonely folks. Aka you and me. 010227
firehunden ...selves.

....three times over.
Dafremen ...trouser snake. Yes we must indeed pay for the transgressions of this wily character who delights in POKING fun in the most obscene places. What will this rascally character think of next? Will he ever be satiated? Doesn't he realize there's a hand at home that loves him and wants to take care of his every desire? But NO. Not this character. He's got have his nose in everybody's business and he's got the balls to pull it off too! 010227
flavinoid rex Hear Hear! 010427
florescent light

I can't understand at all.

This is life?

When will my time come?

Why haven't I been raped, beat to death, and chopped into little pieces yet??

Take a gun and put it to my head.

So I can stop living a life full of worry and fear of leaving my house.

When kids are murdering other kids and teachers every week- then you know there is something wrong.
And I don't care what the problem is, I want it stopped.

I try t o be happy- but am I really supposed to be?

Isn't it demented to be happy when 14 year olds are killing there classmates?

Listen, sweetheart, do mommy a favor and bang out the neighbors' brain because the apples from her tree keep falling on our property.

Alright, Mommy.
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