lycanthrope part of the unbearable lightness of life is that we are in one sense easily manueverable physically. moods are uplifted with chemicals at a level quite devoid of what the chemicals naturally signify. But on the level of what they do signify, life is heavy. What does it mean to give antidepressants to a person who just lost a loved one? What are you removing? The brain feels light but the soul feels heavy. And what does the world matter, what keeps you in it if you don't have a soul, if there are easier delusions now than ever?

This sight is too noble. This sight is too stupid. The only thing stupider is my appraisal.
freakizh nice topic.

the unbearable lightness of blather can be achieved if we consider two points.

given blather
1) anything you write, will not be considered as a major/important recommendation because you're a stranger to almost all of the blatherites. so, two opposites are attracted: intimate thoughts + sharing to strangers, which is not likely to be "normal" (whatever the definition of "normal" is), because it's more likely to share intimate thoughts to intimate individuals, and remain strange to strangers. SO, ATTRACTING TWO OPPOSITES IS CONSIDERING *KITSCH*. therefore, no matter what you do, you're reaching both extremes.

given kitsch in blather
2) if the person who lives in kitsch in blather also considers life as a unique and unrepeatable time in which you have no experience at all of how to live.. then again, no matter what you do in your life, you've been "forgiven" -it doesn't matter what you did in life- because you didn't know how to act and even so, it won't ever happen again.. defined as being "light".

(quoting myself from the word kitsch)..
"this leads to a life were it doesn't matter what you believe/choose/do because IT IS NOT THE REALITY but the TOTAL OPPOSITE, and still, you've the JUSTIFICATION of acting at your will from your unique oportunity of living."

blather is chaos.
blather is the end.
blather feels so good.

you should all read that book.
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