amy you don't own happiness- happiness owns you. 000823
Tank follow your heart and you will find it urges you to live by the non-laws of truth, love and joy. 000823
birdmad a long time ago, i thought, perhaps, that i had found it.

but then you went and changed the locks.
kerry shut up and listen

then make something beautiful out of what you've learned
cube... if you are forever looking to a brighter future you will never be happy... 011207
ClairE Happiness is a feeling. The key to happiness is to please yourself, and not worry or dwell on what others would think.

The_key_to_contenment is to be satisfied with yourself and have the way others think somehow jive with the way you live.
Dafremen Gravy...simple_living 011208
monadh can happiness be contained
by anything
other than
its own freedom
cube a fine example of obfuscation monadh... 011209
jon see cunt. 011209
kx21 Ten_Supreme_Hearts... 011209
TK I don't clame to know the key to any one elseís happiness, but I know what it takes to make me happy (and I'm not referring to my vibrator ^.~)
-To have some one to listen to you
Not just listen, but to HEAR you, hell any one can pretend to listen, but do they really hear what your saying?
-To be understood, even if you don't agree w/ the views you @ lest understand why I hold these views and wear I'm coming from
-Hugs, lots and lots of hugs
Mix that all up and put that in a cast iron mold and youíve got the key to my happiness
cube See: sloshed...
Effingham Fish I hold it in my hand, but the lock has become stripped. The door will not open. This, friends, is irony. 020101
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