MercynRe i don't believe in memberships... i don't believe in culture... i dress the way i feel - the way i look inside... and i listen to the things that bring me to my secret joys and my hidden places that no one will understand; i take joy in confusing those who try to label me. i wear spiked jewelry; i have metal in holes i wasn't born with, but i am soft inside and full of a sensuality most couldn't handle. i look hardcore, but i reject the notion of being defined by anyone other than myself - i am a warrior, i am a child, i dance in the grass after a rainfall, i mosh, i blade, i can hold my own, but i can be naive enough to melt into a gooey pile of big eyes and saccharin when he smiles at me. 010427
silentbob im in love with you now 010427
ChiselMouth Oh you tiny little pools... bubbles in great big ocean. Full of Punks and Freaks and Goths and Rivetheads... But for all your non-conformity and self-actualization... you still get into those "who's-better" pissing matches everytime that other bitch comes in with the same boots as you.

Come on, kiddies... you know better.
Rael OneCloud way way way down in this subbacultcha.

Some people take their little movements very seriously.

Because I tend to just find human behvaior kinda funny, I never even fit in with any of these so well.

Here I am. I DJ on pirate radio. I have a public access TV show.I have a long running zine.

But I'm not popular. I'm not cool. Not even in a subversive way.

Yep. as I said in another thread, labels puzzle me.
what's it to you?
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