.... ? 010818
ClairE ROCKS!!! 011127
nah....! yeay!!!! : )

so do you, claire, so do you!
jisy ha! 011128
whioknows jisy! fuck!
are you ever nice?
whoknows whoa!
i mispelled my name
jisy ha! you misspelled your name! ha! ; ) 011128
go toot fuck you jisy 011128
whoknows should smile. b/c i love her and i dont love too many people. so that means stacey is special. 011202
ClairE YEAY!!! 011202
Norm Hot little blonde but she's off limits cause she's my buddies little sister. 011202
nah....! i can't even imagine what i'd look like if i were blonde. (i'm a stacey). i like my hair dark. it fits me.

: )
god have a safe and fruitful trip to england. hope you and gilmour make out.
rock on!
Arwyn I knew a girl named stacey about 4 years ago. She was so cool, and I really really liked her. she was a graduating senior, and I was a sophomore in high school. She took all the honors courses and I thought she was about the prettiest person I'd ever seen.
I found out about a year ago that she never went to college. She had started dating this asshole who would hit her, and began sleeping around. She miscarried six times in 3 years and aborted once. I felt so badly. Almost like it was my fault. I really miss her.
hey now! i miss you 020325
hey now! stace!
you fucking called and i missed you?!?!?!????
peyton with an e

for what it's worth, I'm sorry
peyton I did the right thing.
Once again I was strong.
I'm not brave
i can pretend very well
even if
you didn't remember my first name
what's it to you?
who go