girl_jane A city
Dirty and corrupt
Deceitful and lying
Violent and tarnished
Innocence unknown
And tear-flushed faces everyday

The thick stench of decaying flesh
The police and curious neighbors
Covering tired, dirty faces with
White handkerchiefs
A brief relief brought
By the smell of fresh chalk
Outlining the body

The broken, twisted body
Mutilated and bloody
Like the floor
From sweat and blood

A dirty rag of a night gown
Stuck to her flesh
The dried blood sticking like
Crazy glue

The worn, lace trim
Ripped and torn
No hems intact
No buttons attached

No clues
Not an idea of who
Killed for no reason
No reason known

The same broken, twisted body
Carried out on a stretcher
Crisp white sheets
Tainted by body cold blood

A now empty room
Only stained wood floors
Only spattered, dirty walls
Only stench
Only secrets
Secrets to reveal
Unknown reasons

A doll
Golden hair
Made from silken thread
Cheeks dimpled and
Flushed in joy
Lips pink with youth
Fingers and toes
Pattering and searching

Another doll, but
Dirty and rough and faded
Just as gentle
Just as beautiful
Just as innocent
Tiny, grubby hands clutching a
Golden, dimpled doll

A family torn apart years ago
A mother beaten and
A father beaten and

A child,
A doll,
Left alone
The innocence now forgotten
Innocence doesn’t feed stomachs

A dirty face
Streaked clean by
Salty tears

A muttered word,
A phrase
Words not heard in years
No, I can’t.”

A city
Dirty and stained
A dirty, stained, tarnished body
Of what used to be a breathing doll
A golden, dimpled doll left in the corner
Now dirty and splatter-stained
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