mikey its sofa king cold in my room.

im sofa king horny.

im sofa king hungry as hell to damnit.
mikey one might be so inclined as to say im also sofa king stupid. 010311
johnny west Don't be so hard on yourself! A sofa is merely an extension of an electrical toothbrush. Allow me to demonstrate:

Procrastination [walking up the hill in red jogging pants] meets up with Yellow Underpants [enjoying a seafood dinner inside of an abandoned lighthouse]. They talk a little.
----"What's up with yer ribbons?" asks Yellow Underpants.
----Procrastination pauses for a moment. Then she responds: "I was thinkin' of you and her and...well... I wanted to look pretty. For you."
----Yellow Underpants' mouth flies open. Nothing comes out of it.
----"Dammit! Now I went and said something stupid!" cries Procastination. Her eyes fill up with tears. She covers her face with her arms.
----"Nothin' wrong with that," says Yellow Underpants, moving Procastination's arms away from her face. "Think of it as growth."
----Procrastination looks up at him through dripping mascara eyes. "What the hell d'you mean?" she whimpers. "D'you mean to tell me I haven't done something wrong?"
----"No need to try and differentiate b'tween what's wrong or what ain't," says Yellow Underpants, kissing Procrastination on the forehead. "We just melt as we go along."
---Needless to say Procrastination has grown, although I'd be hard-pressed to pin down just what kind of growth she's experiencing.

Thus ends the first segment of my explanation. Whatever I was trying to explain. And now some music.
("What Goes On" by The Velvet Underground plays gently on an imaginary CD player)
mikey anyone ever heard this joke commercial on the radio? its funny as hell. search for "sofa king" as the title on napster (while its still there) 010311
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