unhinged with new bouts of my old echoing_thought
i cry more now
on the bus even

i really need a cuddle_bug
now more than ever
to relight
what despair and emptiness
has blown out

so easy for him
to say i deserve better
when the worth he gave me
just feels like a joke now
:) i can cuddle bug you. 070903
unhinged depression

it just takes the life right out of you
f yeah, the best cure is to go to the sun...(Vitamin D), it wakes you up and you feel like a new person, especially if you go to a beautiful cliff top resort which has a 180 horizon, beautiful people, peace and quiet, eagles, whales and dolphins,, it worked for me anyway.

Pure Vitamin D seems to be a cure for many health problems.
f oh yeah, if you go to the aqua ashram, be careful not to mistake a makeshift sail boat for a shark ! 070906
unhinged i know what you mean. this winter was especially bleak and i went to visit my brother in hawaii and the sunshine made me feel like a new person.

i think this is hormonal/chemical shit that isn't really affected too much by the weather. it seems like every year when summer starts to turn to fall i get hopelessly unbalanced. i've gotten most of my tattoos in late august and early september to artistically chase it away. i might get a huge buddha mural on my back soon.


the bliss i felt after my last tattoo has convinced me that it is the best therapy i've ever tried.
unhinged after_you
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