werewolf my friend sounds like he's pulling live birds through his teeth. it's quite awful. try sleeping in a room with six other people in two beds and having to hear that like it's right behind your ear. not to mention we were in vegas where the sun seems to emanate from within you. so hot. wants you to become heat and lights just like them. that's what a desert is. sameness. all the lights try so hard to be different that they're all the same and they all try to pull you in saying look at me. attention spans are for things that matter, money, lives up untill now, they don't matter, there's no narrative, there's no tally. untill you take the long trail out of the desert and see all the houses all of the people living in 110 degree heat, in their inconsolable mansions. and it can't be what they really wanted. just wanted more than starving. just barely. i guess i'm ranting on vegas now but it ties into snoring. distraction and whatnot. oh and how about all of the fancy paintings in the high rolling hotels. but the poor man's vengeance is that they can drink and wager with the lower stakes, but they're given the same opportunities. the dice in our hands is the same! and so yay for the nickel slots. well forget it. oh ugly town though. fun town. and ugly. 020814
TalviFatin I will take this pair of scissors that lay before me and STAB them through your NECK! Until your snoring turns to a soft gurgling...and then silence... 031021
celestias shadow drives me crazy. a legitimate cause for justifiable homicide. 031026
minnesota_chris my own snoring wakes me up sometimes.

so many problems would fix themselves by losing a little weight.
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