realistic optimist you throw words out at me
meaningless at first glance.
loose association
but somehow the words dance.

"dee press oh press ess dee
ess ewe - inn san it eee.
dee hoe say my uh poot
ess uh mar tar too me"

but if i care enough
to sift through the word soup,
i make out what you mean
and how you feel about Poot.

i spend three months trying
to get you to shower.
i support your efforts,
fear loses its power.

you mumble to yourself,
those not wise to your ways
think you are out of it.
you are not in a daze.

suddenly, you look up
and with a mere five words,
you surmise a concept
complex even for nerds.

"it hurts to care so."

you wear layers because
you are so sensitive
you feel each slight handed,
but have much love to give.

now that you have been so
you manipulate with
intelligence disguised.

so much more human than
those paid to care for you,
you use their ignorance
and let them tie your shoe.

this is the game you play
and they believe the lie,
cuz they see a client
instead of just a guy.
realistic optimist 040409
misstree very nice poem... and the article just gave me a breath of happiness that i'm going to be utterly isolated from civilisation for a few months... 040409
realistic optimist that will be nice, although champaign was always shrouded in the cotton wooly brains of infancy. sometimes it's nice to not have to hear about how fucked up the world is. having said that, i've become rather politically active as of late, even giving a speech to the portland city council this week. anyway, that link is to a local progressive political magazine in which i will soon be published (yay me). 040409
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