Mahayana prevalent steamy arid regions, enormous oasis depressions, all-embracing stony plains

swathed her lanky outline, posturing aligned with the obverse of my body and gave free rein to her untamed anticipation, shadowy brunette-onyx waves, sensations fly in abandon, embraced intimately her eyes sustainedinterested in mine, yielding kiss of ardor losing lips in collectivity, she twisted, captured hand in handness, then completed our line of mission towards the doorway, on up into the stairwell, I endeavored to seize all inhalations. yes, yes that was the face I recognized but only in the midst of additional beauty

rock-strewn plateaus, unexpected mountains, sand sheets, dunes, and sand seas
Mahayana |The conformations of the lands are not widely different, but their surface appearances are as unlike as it is possible to imaginE|

||mouthfuls of air were one-dimensional and hurried, nearly a gasp for heavens, her eyes had clouded with desire and the pathway in her décolletage pulsed aggressively therein lengthened silence deliberate movements forward so that I may perhaps foretaste however I was entirely motionless, minuscule smiles played on lips

temperate pulsing began in her groin and her scalp began to tingle
staring in exchange downward onto the woman||

|For the whole face of a land is changed by the rains. with them come meadow-grasses and flowers, hillside vines and bushes, fields of yellow grain, orchards of pink-white blossomS|
me my lips were dry and i was on the ground from exhaustion. i gazed up from the hot sand and i saw the neon lights of a gas station in the middle of the sahara desert. i didnt want to question its existence in such an odd place for i was just happy it was there. i crawled closer and closer to it each time becoming more and more tired. it seemed as if the target was moving away as i moved toward it which didnt make sense since it was inanimate. i finally reached it and i realized it was nothing but a mirage. no words could describe my grief as i lay there in the hot sand in the middle of nowhere, all be continued... 021221
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