imposter I just got my sample ballot today. Here are some of the (more amusing) professions as listed by the candidates on the ballot:

Enviornmental Attorney
Discrimination Complaint Investigator
Adult Film Actress
Railroad Switchman/Brakeman
University Chemistry Instructor
Fathers' Issues Author
Tribal Chairman
Cigarette Retailer
Middleweight Sumo Wrestler
College Student
Community College Teacher
Retired Meat Packer
Custom Denture Manufacturer
Golf Professional
Marijuana Legalization Attorney

The ballot is two pages long. If you live in California, you know what I mean. This made my day. . .
misstree i just read that robert_anton_wilson is in the running under the guns & dope party. 030912
realistic optimist if only i could have forseen, i would have residency and vote! 030912
pobodys nerfect That list would make a funny joke. Oh wait,it already is one! ;D
*ba dum bum bum*
I wonder if the college student and community college teacher are in the same class...or if the musician will write a song about his/her experience afterwards.
imposter The recall has been recalled.

O God, this is too much. This is f-ing hilarious. This is rich.

Please, give me another state before I die laughing. . . I really don't know how much more of this circus mirth I can take.

The Spork Political circus orchestrated by a car thief on behalf of a party whose whole methodology for the last three-and-a-half years has been either to try and steal elections they could not win or re-engineer the voting lines so that things fall in their favor (The_Great_Texas_Shuffle) 030917
ferret i like the marijuana legalitzation attourney 030917
iloveca cry 031008
stork daddy i voted for the middleweight sumo wrestler 031008
realistic optimist what about gary coleman? his speech would of course start out:

i would like to thank all the little people...
what's it to you?
who go