Quintessensual Sure, it is possible that the chemist is the one. You know, holding two identities, lead and gold, and making alchemy possible at long last without nuking even Seattle. Of course, the choices would then be silver and gold or platinum and gold. Both excellent, very, very fine. But very different still. The coincidence would just be too far-fetched. So I've dismissed it. 991128
camille is everything that is impossible 000128
girl i didnt know it was possible for my life to shatter around me without my help.
but i know now.
Rebecca I wonder if reality could envision such a dream...
Where hope, love, desire and success could be a part of happiness that doesn't fade with the waking...
I hope so.
Could it be possible to have it all and still not want for more?
Would it be that choices create more diversity than unity?
I hope not.
Quiggz almost anything is. 010107
zentist imagine it is possible
and no one manages to do it
jen jen and remembered
that anything's impossible
if you want it to be so

means breakfast
ladybird possibilities are endless, so I'm told...do you think that's magic or frightening? Perhaps a little of both. Certainly you should seize them....or is that opportunities? 010514
Cesar I don't really know what you're talking about. But I can learn. Learning is a very diverse thing to us humans, which seperate us with the trees. 011125
jester is peace possible?_______________________________________
TR "Is it possible to love me?" I asked him.
"Let's try" he answered
tr "Is it possible to love me?" I asked him.
"Let's try" he answered
what's it to you?
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