skinny where does it go
its gotta keep adding up
i see the chimneys every day
the smoke never stops
it never stops

i know ill go in there one day and
see 10 million burnt bodies
but i dont know what they are because
they're ashes

crushed by a machine
tortured by the universal apathy
burnt, barely left alive by the loneliness and the fact of the matter that shatters nerves even today

i go to the shelter and watch burn victims play
content around echother, its the only place they feel safe
while stupid doctors treat stupid patients in a far away place

we'll all turn to ashes, we'll all turn to dust, there are parts of us that never go away. many generations later, kids will walk on there grandparents remains. orchards grow over forgotten cemetaries, a tree in the forest noone hears falling. but here and now, the cars are still running and the factories dont close down, we're content in the city walking by with a burn victims peeled skin in the wind, brushes on your face, and you dont notice because its something microscopic. the world's messed up right now.
andru235 the factories have multiplied
perhaps it's time they're villified
our happiness has not gone up
we take a pill and sip from cup

the gross pollution spreading round
as policy, is hardly sound
if happiness is what we seek
we'll find none at polluted creek
what's it to you?
who go