Kibbick Absolutely stupendulous, that is.

Withall nehemiah wraths grabe and
belicose bags of breathalizer blather.

Stab my loyal retrograde blisters and search the sky for ambient ballast.
ClairE What Annika calls you if you are big_breasted. 011219
the indulgent ascetic there was the girl, the one with whom he had only indulged in a brief flirtation before she walked out of his liife

sexually she was like a politician, all talk and no delivery, playing demure but mining him for all of his dirty secrets she could discover

she was slim and elegant in her shape, her face framed by her long straight hair, her legs accentuated by the long skirts she was partial to (the ones that were slit almost high enough to be scandalous in such a conservative place as the one that they worked in)

he was more partial to small breasted women, but she had an effect on him such that he could not imagine her any other way than with the sizable endowments she possesed

she was slender, yes, but not in that emaciated, bony way that had been marketed as the ideal of beauty by legions of thin lipped ad agency executives and fashion house designers who he always figured harbored a secret contempt for women and markteted this contempt to the formative minds of teens and preteens girls and boys so as to make these opinions more ingrained and torturous later in life

how else, he thought, could women like Twiggy and Kate Moss be explained, after all

as if to offet the seeming delicacy of the rest of her build, her breasts were large, large enough to be just on the other side of disproportionate but not so large as to be ridiculous

when he imagined her sexually, he imagined her on top of him, leaning forward enough to offer her generously formed breasts to his eager mouth

she played coy whenever she thought she might be called to yield something more than just a flirtatious smile or a friendly, incidental touch

but he knew the score and she possessed just enough genuine sweetness that he didn't really mind that she was stringing him along
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