ever dumbening holy wack-a-mole con pollo, chuy. are we all so click_click tap_tap that we have yet to pay fromage to the pen in mightier? TREBEK!

good stationery stores--germany, japan--are peaceful ponds of pure potential. just a huge pile of gas and explosives, dangerous things. but there is one perfect pen there for you, for your current purpose. yes, yes, there's adventure in paper, adventure in color, in tape, glitter. but the pen _is_.

weight, color, tip, angle, speed. does this bite the page



i used to have different pens, pencils for different text books. some papers gobble lead and ink. some resist. sensual, really. sure, school was largely garbage, but man did i have a system, wicked system. eight years later i can still picture the perfect matches: goldschmidt's human career, pencil devoured by rough, greedy paper; molecular biology of the gene with the silky paper, white pentel with the cut plastic tip, one red, one blue--so smooth, wrist-breaking speed.

world war ii. there's a connection there somewhere.
ever missing things in the proof important things that's is not in, trebek. 011216
ClairE Mightier than the sword? Ha!

You beat pencil any day, my sweet love.

I like when she calls you "pin".
walrie i am looking at a pen
i wish it were magical
but it's only black
i guess that means i should go to sleep
what's it to you?
who go