bijou he was like a fucking phoenix or an angel or something. it might have been the ADD. he made me remember why i like this planet. 010608
birdmad there was none behind my actions other than that i was addicted to the sensation of being in her presence 010608
rhin if i were the killer, i'd kill you next. no reason, just to create confusion & fear. it IS scarier when there is no motive. 030128
accidentprone love or destruction. it could swing either way. just beware of me. 030701
yesterday i hate motives. motives i can't figure out. motives i don't WANT to figure out. maybe because I don't want to know how twisted people are. or maybe i'm naive and don't realize how much sick stuff goes on in this off kilter excuse for a world. i don't want to know that people enjoy ruining other people's lives. "This is the art of ruin". i don't want you to ruin my life. and i don't want to know why. i just want to you to leave. simple. leave. go away. let me be. 040410
Syrope what was the point? what are you trying to say!? all you did was introduce doubt, make me feel even worse about myself. it's like you never reacted. how am i supposed to deal with being completely skipped?
i just want someone to tell me what they think of me. honestly. there are questions i can't ask. i always thought you'd tell me...i don't know why.
what's it to you?
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