r1y9a6n4 i can't belive you kissed me on christmas again. i don't see you for months at a time and i get my yearly december visit and you did it to me again. i try to forget, so that i just won't car anymore. but you come over, usher me outside to one of our now infamous talks over too many cigarettes and too much wine. we talk about you, we talk about me and before we both know it... i was the host of the party for chrst's sake. i was rolling around with you on the floor with 60 people in my house and i didn't care. i won't see you again for a while and all you have left me with is yet another memory of you. 031227
Doar i wished for that sprig of green on your archway the last two nights. it wasn't there, again. so i will not feel that it should have been, it is just another plant, dead for my memories, gone from our gatherings. 031227
realistic optimist *holds a sprig over road and slops spit and lips and tongue all over* 031227
Death of a Rose RO, ya slobbering man, i'm not wearing the lampshade.

*reaches for a towel or two*


where ya bin?
realistic optimist i've been trying to figure out how to not drown under the oppressive weight of unemployment and debt.
i've been lost in the forest of direction and motivation.
i've been losing myself and my identity in the atmosphere of questioning family.
but i've been right here, all along.
what's it to you?
who go