devalis they do so, work, dammit.

the question is... am I trying to convince everyone else of this, or just me?
sabbie and i stand right in front of you
and the look in your eyes
is a look internal,
a look far out to sea

i stand in front of you
and you dont see me anymore.

the distance isnt geographical
its chronological,
and driving me insane

are you even in there today?
do you even hear me when i talk anymore?
when you wake, in the mornings,
do you even know im right there?

i am waiting for you.

the question i have
the question that scares me
is how long will i wait
before i stop
string longdistancerelationships 021004
girl_jane is this really a relationship?

I'm so fucking confused about you...
Nathan88 they do work...i am living proof... only i feel as though you must have complete and utter trust...i dont know if there is a distance in which trust would span but i know i wouldnt want to intially jump into a long distance thing with anything greater than 2 hours...it would just be too hard to trust that person...isnt that what relationships are based on...trust...cuz if you dont have trust you have nothing at all 021220
p2 i've had a few
some work only because they're long distance though
reality can be such a bitch sometimes
trixie change everything 030617
Spiff What do you do when the only one you love is not near you? 051129
Piso Mojado polyamory

(kidding, kinda)
andru235 dream of interdimensional, para-planar trans-zonal portals, spiff. that's my advice. 051129
Lemon_Soda Wait...

And do your best to be someone they would like to have greet them when they get back.
what's it to you?
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